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Book Done 101

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Always wanted to learn how to write a book? With this HUGE 80% off deal, now you can!

With the purchase of this course, you get:

  • lifetime access (download the course materials and videos)
  • access to Book Done 101 Writers Salon where you can continue to learn from guest experts, your peers and get my brain on tap

As writers, we leap into new ideas with passion and commitment. But there are times when, despite our best efforts, we begin with the best intentions only to find ourselves lost and frustrated, not knowing where to take our brilliant idea, finally forced to abandon it for the next wonderful story that lures us onward.

This program will help you evolve your idea from the core construct to the finished product. No more aimless wandering, no more worry you've missed something important. And no more worry you won't be able to finish. I take you, step by step, through my process, the process I've developed over years of experience, adding the best of my varied education to give you the means to get your book done. The process I used to write over 150 books in ten years.

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