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What if NOW is the time to...

Get your book done

Discover what happens to your writing career when you know that you have a sure-fire system for quickly and efficiently outlining your books! 

Imagine being confident

that every character that wants their voice heard would have their story told

that every book idea that is keeping you up with excitement at night would see the light of day

that you would finish your book...

and the next one... and the next one

This is not only possible but it's HAPPENING for Get Your Book Done Members.

Does this sound like the creative life you are craving? GOOD. Because you DESERVE creative freedom.

You have a dream of writing, of getting your book done and I'm here to tell you that it's doable (after all, I've published over 100 books!).

But maybe you need guidance and support as you learn the system... 

That's EXACTLY where Get Your Book Done- Outlining For Success comes in! To walk you through the entire process to get your book done.  

How will

Get Your Book done: outlining for success Help me unblock and get my book done?

What is included in

 Get Your Book Done

9 Modul Workbooks and video lessons to take you step by step through your new process to outlining success. Yours to keep for life. Including:

Ideas Workshop- Time to open your creative mind and allow that brilliance out. And how to keep the doubt OUT.

Characters Workshop-  How to step aside and allow the characters you hear to come out and why I do NOT recommend an in depth character analysis.

Three Stages Of Normal- and why three is KEY.

Conflicts Workshop- this may just become your FAVORITE modul (it's mine!).

Card Session- my system for creating card stacks that I LOVE

Connecting The Dots exercise- learn how to put it all together and what it means when it's not quite working out.

Chapters Workshop- You are now happy and confident in the flow of the story. Time to turn it into an outline. 

What's Next Workshop- You've done the hardest part but here's what to do next.

One month access to the Get Your Book Done Writers Salon, a private group for support, guidance and further support and ongoing training.


Limited time BONUS! Get access to my Self- Editing Skills course when you sign up for Outlining For Success! $149 value


About Get Your Book Done: Self Editing Skills

We all want to be better writers. But there’s so much information out there. What should you pay attention to? There are so many details: show vs. tell, passive vs. active, how to use dialogue tags properly. The list goes on and on.

I used to struggle with all of these questions. Until I distilled everything that I’d learned into this course: Self-Editing Skills!

If you want to know how to publish your work and want detailed, step-by-step instructions that will take you from being a good writer to being a great writer, to knowing how to self-edit and dealing with a real editor, then my bestseller course is what you need.

This nine-module course teaches you, through video instructions and workbook exercises, how you can tackle the most glaring errors while adding to the depth and richness of your writing, as well as help you polish your novel in preparation for query and/or to work with an editor.


Award winning author, Patti Larsen has written multiple series and more than 100 books. Impressive for a lifetime of work, right?

Only she hasn’t taken a lifetime to produce them.


She’s written them in less than three years, so she speaks from experience when she shares her methods to ‘Get Your Book Done.’


The information is set out in easy-to-understand modules. They are helpful for aspiring authors, or writers who might be stuck at certain stages in the writing process.


Patti’s own writing is visual based on her experience with screenplays, and she has several modules to help your writing become visual too.


If you truly want to get your book done, then buy Patti’s e-courses. She is living proof that her methods will help, and you will increase your productivity and finish that book. 


–Eden Baylee

Eden Baylee.jpg

What does having a repeatable system for outlining and self-editing mean for you?

Well, I can tell you from experience because I teach what I do!
It means being able to write at the pace that today's readers crave. I am churning out nearly a book a month and still my lovely readers are emailing, DM'ing and posting looking for more- NOW!
Being self-published means I have the FREEDOM to create at my own pace and not be held back by traditional publishing processes. My system keeps pace with the stories that want to get out! 
Having a surefire system for creating has allowed me to become an author full-time because I have confidence in my own ability to create book after book and I can publish at a pace that keeps me warm at night. 
I don't have to squeeze in my creative side around a 9-5, I create my own schedule and I can write from anywhere
KK book pic.jpg

I was a panster through and through, but as my publishing schedule increased and my books and worlds became more complex, my winging it method no longer worked. I needed a system that would help me write a well thought out novel quickly without missing important pieces or having to drop or rewrite major sections. That’s where Patti Larsen’s courses were a life saver! She taught me how easy it can be to outline a complete novel (or series!) so that writing it is much easier! What I love most is the freedom I now have to focus on the prose and make my work shine, because the plot and storyline are already handled, thanks to the techniques I’ve learned in her course. This has allowed me to publish must faster, which is important since I’m a full time author and my books support a family of 5! Thank you, Patti Larsen, for creating a course that even die-hard pansters can use. 

                                                           USA Today Bestselling Writer –Karpov Kinrade

I'm Patti Larsen

My official bio reads like this: Patti Larsen is an international multiple-award-winning author with a passion for the voices in her head and over 100 books in happy publication.

I’ve had my sights set on world literary domination for a while now. Which means getting my books out there, and lots of them.


It’s the coolest thing ever, this job of mine, being able to tell stories I love, only to see them all shiny and happy in my readers' hands.

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How can I write so freaking fast?

I often say I’ve been saving up for years, that the voices are so loud, the stories so clear  it’s impossible to go slowly. In fact, since 2011, I have written and published over 100 books.


But honestly, I have a system, the very one I teach in Get Your Book Done. I use a very specific method I’m constantly tweaking, allowing me to get in clear touch with my creative side.


The trick then is to slow down, not speed up.

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