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Who is this course for?

If you want to publish your work and you want detailed, step-by-step instructions that will take you from being a good writer to being a great writer, to knowing how to self-edit and dealing with a real editor, then my bestseller course is what you need.


This nine-module course teaches you, through video instruction and workbook exercises, how you can tackle the most glaring errors while adding to the depth and richness of your writing, as well as help you polish your novel in preparation for query and/or to work with an editor.

Who the heck am I and why should you listen to me?

My name is Patti Larsen and I am a award winning author.

In case you’ve never heard of me **horrified gasp**, here’s why I’m uniquely & firmly qualified to tell you everything you had ever wanted to know about writing and publishing novels across many genres:

I am an international award winning author of over 100 books.

I started this business because I was sick & tired of hearing from my fellow creatives who were struggling to get their books done. 

With a background in journalism and film making, I've learned a thing or two about how to quickly get your story out. I'd love to share everything I used to write my books (including the one I just released in October- the tenth book in my cozy mysteries series!)

For a limited time: 

Get this course for FREE when you buy my Outlining For Success course!

My signature course: GET YOUR BOOK DONE: OUTLINING FOR SUCCESS includes...


instant lifetime access to the system I use to outline books in 2 days!

Ongoing accountability and education in the Get Your Book Done Writers Salon (private facebook group with training and support) 

PLUS you'll get my Editing For Success course! valued at $149

I want the 


We all want to be better writers.

But there's so much information out there. What should you pay attention to?

There are so many details:

  • Show vs. Tell

  • Passive vs. Active

  • How to use dialogue tag properly

The list foes on and on.

I used to struggle with all of these questions too. Until I distilled everything I that I'd learned into this course: Self-Editing For Success.

What if you knew for certain that you had all the systems nailed down to...


Hold on a sec!

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