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E-course reviews

The Get Your Book Done with Patti Larsen: Outlining series is a must have for any writer struggling with getting their ideas together and focusing on organizing their novel before they even begin to write a single word of their novel. Patti breaks down each part of outlining a novel with short, concise, and easy to understand sections in a follow along workbook of PDFs with matching videos that are quick to watch, entertaining, and allow you to go at your own pace. Patti clearly spells out each step for you in several modules, which allow you to assemble your ideas and structure them neatly. Worksheets are provided for your use, along with an inside look at Patti’s trademark tools of the trade and tricks which you can learn to use too, easily.

This program makes it incredibly simple to untangle the ideas and scenes of your book into an amazing outline that literally maps out your novel and keeps you on track as you write. Patti’s tips and process keep you organized and more focused while you work to create a novel and more importantly, finish it. Highly recommended for any writer starting out or already published. Patti Larsen is a highly motivational teacher and will keep you fired up to get that book done.


Alexia Purdy

Patti Larsen’s Get Your Book Done Outlining Course is stellar!

I have a confession to make. At heart, I’m a pantser, even though I understand the need for direction in my writing and make honest stabs at drawing out a road map. So when I landed the opportunity to beta test Ms. Larsen’s course, I jumped at the chance.

I’ll tell you right now, this course rocks! Ms. Larsen has a different take on character sheets, stressing creativity over logic. It’s an approach I find combines the different worlds of outlining and pantsing better than the usual tug-of-war between the two factions, allowing pantsers to feel more comfortable with an outlining process. Ms. Larsen has an easy, friendly manner on video as well, speaking as if she’s sitting across the table from you while you’re both out having coffee together. Her warmth and enthusiasm shine as she gently guides you to look at your creativity in unique ways, creating a relaxed atmosphere to learn and grow.

The combination of worksheets and videos give the course a completeness to satisfy all senses, no matter what your favorite form of learning entails. Ms. Larsen takes you step-by-step through the creative process of expanding your story from initial concept to completed manuscript without sacrificing flexibility. There are no rigid rules to follow and I appreciated that.

I highly recommend the Outlining Course, whether you’re a novice writer or a seasoned pro looking to add to your productivity toolbox. If outlines intimidate you, take this course. You’ll be glad you did. I know I am. 


Laura Eno

I was a panster through and through, but as my publishing schedule increased and my books and worlds became more complex, my winging it method no longer worked. I needed a system that would help me write a well thought out novel quickly without missing important pieces or having to drop or rewrite major sections. That’s where Patti Larsen’s courses were a life saver! She taught me how easy it can be to outline a complete novel (or series!) so that writing it is much easier! What I love most is the freedom I now have to focus on the prose and make my work shine, because the plot and storyline are already handled, thanks to the techniques I’ve learned in her course. This has allowed me to publish must faster, which is important since I’m a full time author and my books support a family of 5! Thank you, Patti Larsen, for creating a course that even die-hard pansters can use. 


Kimberly Kinrade

Award winning author, Patti Larsen has written multiple series and more than forty books. Impressive for a lifetime of work, right?

Only she hasn’t taken a lifetime to produce them.


She’s written them in less than three years, so she speaks from experience when she shares her methods to ‘Get Your Book Done.’


I received both the outlining and the writing courses after donating to a crowd fundraising campaign.


The information is set out in easy-to-understand modules. They are helpful for aspiring authors, or writers who might be stuck at certain stages in the writing process.


Patti’s own writing is visual based on her experience with screenplays, and she has several modules to help your writing become visual too.


If you truly want to get your book done, then buy Patti’s e-courses. She is living proof that her methods will help, and you will increase your productivity and finish that book. 


Eden Baylee

Every writer has to learn to self-edit. This [Writing] course is a wonderful resource. From Point of View to Sensory Writing and everything in between, Patti’s advice is spot-on, useful, and easy to implement. Patti doesn’t get into a lot of theory or fluff. The content of this course is designed for the writer who is ready to get down to business.

Beginning writers will learn many time saving techniques which will help them take their writing to the next level. Advanced writers will find this a great, easy-to-use resource for reviewing writing craft and may even pick up a few new tricks. I have had a great deal of fun challenging myself to use Patti’s advice both on the Past Perfect verb tense and eliminating certain junk words from my writing. The combination of video lectures and printable checklists makes the course easy to understand and use.


I have now used Patti’s outlining method on five projects. It has revolutionized my creative process and saved me a great deal of time and energy. Make no mistake: Patti’s process is not easy or a short cut. It won’t create great ideas all by itself. This course is, instead, a way to organize ideas and streamline the creative process. Patti’s outlining method teaches writers how to visualize a project from beginning to end, to see the plot holes and problems, and fix them before drafting is ever started. This course is no-nonsense and does not bog the student down in busy work, endless questionnaires, or tail chasing. It is designed so a writer can get started outlining his/her novel right away.


Catie Rhodes

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